Cancel Order

This API allows a user to cancel an order that they have previously placed.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Cancel Order endpoint is POST

Request Parameters #

Parameter Required Description
order_id Yes The ID of the order to be canceled.
cancel_reason Yes The reason for canceling the order.
user_id Yes The ID of the user canceling the order.

Response Parameters #

Parameter Description
status A boolean value indicating whether the request was successful or not.
message A string containing a message regarding the status of the request.
order A JSON object containing information about the canceled order, including its ID, status, and cancel reason.

Request Example #

"order_id": "1234",
"cancel_reason": "Item no longer needed",
"user_id": "5678"

Response Example #

"status": true,
"message": "Order successfully canceled.",
"order": {
"id": "1234",
"status": "canceled",
"cancel_reason": "Item no longer needed"

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