Payment Setup

The API “get_shopper_payment_account” allows a user to retrieve the payment account associated with their shopper account. It returns a list of payment cards associated with the user’s payment account. The user must provide their user ID as a parameter to retrieve their payment account information. The response includes the card ID, card type, name on card, card number, and expiry date for each card associated with the user’s account. The API response is in JSON format.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr payment status endpoint is POST

Request Parameters #

Parameter Type Required Description
user_id string Yes The unique identifier of the user.
country_code string Yes The country code of the user’s location.

Response #

The API response will contain a JSON object with the following fields:

Field Type Description
status string The status of the API call (e.g. “success” or “error”).
message string A message associated with the API call.
payment_status string The payment status of the user.

Possible values for ‘payment_status’ are:

  • ‘not_setup’ : The user has not set up their payment account yet.
  • ‘setup_incomplete’ : The user has started setting up their payment account, but the process is not yet complete.
  • ‘setup_complete’ : The user has completed setting up their payment account.

Example response #

"status": "success",
"message": "Payment setup successful.",
"payment_status": "setup_complete"

If an error occurs, the ‘status’ field will be “error” and the ‘message’ field will contain a description of the error.

Example Request #

"user_id": "123456",
"country_code": "US"

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