Unfollow Users

The API “unfollow_user.php” is used to unfollow another user on the Voomerr platform. It takes in two parameters, the user ID of the user who wants to unfollow someone and the user ID of the person they want to unfollow.
Upon a successful request, the API will return a JSON response indicating that the unfollowing action was completed successfully. If there is an error, an appropriate error message will be returned.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Unfollow Users endpoint is POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/unfollow_user.php

Request Parameters #

Parameter Required Description
user_id Yes The ID of the user who wants to unfollow the other user
other_user_id Yes The ID of the user to be unfollowed

Response Parameters #

Parameter Description
status Indicates if the unfollow operation was successful
message Additional information about the response status

Request Example #

"user_id": "123",
"other_user_id": "456"

Response Example #

"status": "success",
"message": "User 123 successfully unfollowed user 456"

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