Edit Gig Products

This API is used to edit a product in a gig. The product name, description, price, and images can be updated.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Edit Gig Products endpoint is POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/edit_gig_product.php

Request Parameters #

Parameter Required Description
product_name Yes The updated name of the product.
product_description Yes The updated description of the product.
product_price Yes The updated price of the product.
product_id Yes The ID of the product to be updated.
gig_id Yes The ID of the gig containing the product to be updated.
product_image[] No An array of images for the product.

Response Parameters #

Field Description
success A boolean indicating whether the API call was successful or not.
message A message indicating the result of the API call.

Example Request #

"product_name": "Updated Product Name",
"product_description": "Updated product description.",
"product_price": "50",
"product_id": "1234",
"gig_id": "5678",
"product_image": [

Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Product updated successfully."

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