Offer Details

The “Offer Details API” provided by Voomerr allows users to retrieve the details of a specific offer. It requires the offer_id and the currency parameters to be passed in the API call. Once the API is called with the necessary parameters, it will return the offer details in the specified currency format.

API endpoint #

The Voomerr Review Offer API endpoint is POST

Parameters #

Parameter Type Required Description
offer_id string Yes The ID of the offer for which you want to retrieve the cost details
currency string Yes The currency in which you want to retrieve the cost details

Response #

The API returns a JSON object containing the following fields:

Field Type Description
status string Indicates the status of the API request. Possible values: success, error
message string A brief message describing the status of the API request
data object An object containing the cost details of the offer
data.base_cost float The base cost of the offer
data.transportation_cost float The transportation cost of the offer
data.currency string The currency in which the cost details are presented

Example request #

"offer_id": "1234",
"currency": "USD"

Example response #

"status": "success",
"message": "Offer cost details retrieved successfully",
"data": {
"base_cost": 50.0,
"transportation_cost": 10.0,
"currency": "USD"

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