This API endpoint allows users to log in to their Voomerr account.

Endpoint URL #

POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/login2.php

Parameters #

The following parameters are required to successfully make a request to the API:

Parameter Type Required Description
email String Yes The email address associated with the Voomerr account.
password String Yes The password for the Voomerr account.
device_id String Yes The unique identifier for the device used to log in.
device_type String Yes The type of device used to log in (e.g. “android”, “ios”, “web”).
login_type String Yes The type of login (e.g. “email”, “facebook”, “google”).
fcm_token String No The Firebase Cloud Messaging token for the device used to log in.

Response #

The API will return a JSON object containing the following fields:

Field Type Description
success Bool Indicates whether the login attempt was successful.
error_code Int The error code, if any.
error_msg String A message describing the error, if any.
user_id Int The ID of the user logging in, if the login attempt was successful.
auth_token String An authentication token for the logged-in user, if successful.

Example Request #

POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/login2.php
Content-Type: application/json

"email": "john.doe@example.com",
"password": "password123",
"device_id": "123456789",
"device_type": "android",
"login_type": "email",
"fcm_token": "abcde12345"

Example Response #

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

"success": true,
"user_id": 123,
"auth_token": "ABCDEF123456

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