Get Gigs

The “Get My Gigs” API allows users to retrieve a list of their own created gigs. Users can use this API to get details about their gigs such as gig name, gig image, gig description, gig ID, etc. This API takes two parameters: “user_id” and “currency”. “user_id” is the unique identifier of the user whose gigs need to be retrieved, and “currency” is the currency in which the gig details need to be retrieved. The response from the API will be in JSON format and will contain a list of gigs that belong to the user.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Get Gigs endpoint is GET

Request Parameters #

Parameter Type Required Description
user_id string Yes The user ID of the logged-in user.
currency string Yes The currency in which the gigs are listed.

Response Parameters #

Field Type Description
success boolean Indicates whether the API request was successful or not.
message string A message indicating the result of the API request.
gigs array An array of gigs. Each gig contains the following fields.
gig_id string The ID of the gig.
gig_name string The name of the gig.
gig_image string The URL of the gig image.
gig_desc string The description of the gig.
gig_price string The price of the gig.
is_fav boolean Indicates whether the gig is in the user’s favorites or not.

Example Request #

"user_id": "123456",
"currency": "USD"

Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Gigs retrieved successfully.",
"gigs": [
"gig_id": "123456",
"gig_name": "Logo Design",
"gig_image": "",
"gig_desc": "I will design a professional logo for your business.",
"gig_price": "50.00",
"is_fav": true
"gig_id": "7891011",
"gig_name": "Social Media Management",
"gig_image": "",
"gig_desc": "I will manage your social media accounts for a month.",
"gig_price": "300.00",
"is_fav": false

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