Get Buyer Offer

The “get buyer offer” API is used to retrieve all offers created by a specific buyer. The API requires two parameters: “user_id”, which is the ID of the buyer whose offers are being retrieved, and “currency”, which is the currency in which the offers are to be displayed. The API returns a list of offers with details such as offer ID, offer status, gig ID, amount, delivery type, required time, and more. This API can be useful for buyers who want to keep track of their offers and their status.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Review Offer API endpoint is POST

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
user_id string Required. User ID of the buyer
currency string Optional. Currency code to filter offers by currency

Response #

The API returns a JSON object with the following fields:

Parameter Type Description
success bool Whether the API call was successful or not
error bool Whether an error occurred during the API call or not
message bool A message describing the result of the API call
data array An array of offers. Each offer has the following attributes: id, gig_id, amount, currency, required_time, delivery_type, delivery_address, buyer_id, seller_id, created_at, status, buyer_name, seller_name, gig_title, gig_description

Example Request #

Content-Type: application/json
"user_id": "1234",
"currency": "USD"

Example Response #

"success": true,
"error": false,
"message": "Offers retrieved successfully",
"data": [
"id": "1",
"gig_id": "123",
"amount": "50",
"currency": "USD",
"required_time": "2022-05-01 12:00:00",
"delivery_type": "Express",
"delivery_address": "123 Main Street",
"buyer_id": "1234",
"seller_id": "5678",
"created_at": "2022-02-28 15:00:00",
"status": "pending",
"buyer_name": "John Doe",
"seller_name": "Jane Smith",
"gig_title": "Create a Logo",
"gig_description": "I will create a unique logo for your business"
"id": "2",
"gig_id": "456",
"amount": "100",
"currency": "USD",
"required_time": "2022-06-01 10:00:00",
"delivery_type": "Standard",
"delivery_address": "456 Elm Street",
"buyer_id": "1234",
"seller_id": "7890",
"created_at": "2022-02-28 16:00:00",
"status": "accepted",
"buyer_name": "John Doe",
"seller_name": "James Johnson",
"gig_title": "Write a Business Plan",
"gig_description": "I will write a professional business plan for your startup"

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