Get All Gig Products

This API endpoint allows you to retrieve all products for all gigs that match the provided search criteria. You can search for gigs based on location, gig type, and product type.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Get All Gig Products endpoint is POST

Request Parameters #

Parameter Type Required Description
user_id string Yes The ID of the user making the request.
currency string Yes The currency in which to return the prices of the gig products.
latitude float No The latitude of the user’s location.
longitude float No The longitude of the user’s location.
km int No The radius (in kilometers) within which to search for gigs.
type string No The type of gig to search for (e.g., “food delivery”).
keyword string No A keyword to search for in the gig name or description.
product_type string No The type of gig product to search for (e.g., “pizza”).

Response Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
success boolean Indicates whether the request was successful.
message string A message describing the result of the request.
gig_products array An array of gig products that match the search criteria.
Each gig product in the ‘gig_products’ array will have the following fields: #
Parameter Type Description
gig_id string The ID of the gig to which the product belongs.
product_id string The ID of the product.
product_name string The name of the product.
product_description string The description of the product.
product_price string The price of the product in the specified currency.
product_image string The URL of an image of the product.

Example Request #

Content-Type: application/json
"user_id": "12345",
"currency": "USD",
"latitude": "40.7128",
"longitude": "-74.0060",
"km": "10",
"type": "food delivery",
"keyword": "pizza",
"product_type": "pizza"

Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Gig products retrieved successfully.",
"gig_products": [
"product_id": "1",
"product_name": "Delicious Pizza",
"product_description": "A mouth-watering pizza that will satisfy your cravings.",
"product_image": "",
"gig_id": "12345",
"gig_name": "Pizza Delivery",
"gig_image": "",
"price": 10.99,
"currency": "USD"
"product_id": "2",
"product_name": "Gourmet Pizza",
"product_description": "A delicious pizza made with only the finest ingredients.",
"product_image": "",
"gig_id": "12345",
"gig_name": "Pizza Delivery",
"gig_image": "",
"price": 15.99,
"currency": "USD"

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