Get Profile

This API endpoint allows users to retrieve the profile information of another user on Voomerr.

Endpoint URL #


Parameters #

The following parameters are required to successfully make a request to the API:

Parameter Type Required Description
user_id Int Yes The ID of the user requesting the profile information.
other_user_id Int Yes The ID of the user whose profile information is being requested.
currency String No The currency in which the prices are to be displayed. If not provided, the default currency is used.

Response #

The API will return a JSON object containing the following fields:

Field Type Description
success Bool Indicates whether the profile retrieval was successful.
error_code Int The error code, if any.
error_msg String A message describing the error, if any.
data Object An object containing the profile information for the requested user, if successful.

The ‘data’ object will contain the following fields:

Field Type Description
user_id Int The user ID of the requested user.
first_name String The first name of the requested user.
last_name String The last name of the requested user.
username String The username of the requested user.
image String The URL of the profile picture of the requested user.
location String The location of the requested user.
description String The description of the requested user.
price_per_hour String The hourly rate of the requested user.
total_projects Int The total number of projects completed by the requested user.
rating Float The rating of the requested user based on their completed projects.
skills Array An array containing the skills of the requested user. Each skill is a string value.

Example Request #

Content-Type: application/json

"user_id": 123,
"other_user_id": 456,
"currency": "USD"

Example Response #

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

"success": true,
"data": {
"user_id": 456,
"first_name": "Jane",
"last_name": "Doe",
"username": "jane_doe",
"image": "",
"location": "San Francisco, CA",
"description": "I'm a freelance web developer with over 5 years of experience.",
"price_per_hour": "$50.00",
"total_projects": 10,
"rating": 4.8,
"skills": ["PHP", "JavaScript", "HTML/CSS", "React"]

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