Set Favourite

This API endpoint allows a user to set a gig as their favourite or remove it from their favourites.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Set Favourite endpoint is POST

Request Parameters #

Parameter Data Type Required Description
gig_id string Yes ID of the gig
user_id string Yes ID of the user
favourite boolean Yes Boolean value to set/unset favourite status. True if set as favourite, False if unset as favourite

Response Parameters #

Parameter Data Type Description
success boolean Indicates whether the request was successful or not
message string A message indicating the status of the request
favourite_status boolean The current favourite status of the gig for the user

Example Request #

Request Body:
"gig_id": "12345",
"user_id": "67890",
"favourite": true

Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Favourite status updated successfully.",
"favourite_status": true

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