Tracking Shipment

This API is used to track the shipment details of a package using the tracking number.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Tracking Shipment endpoint is GET

Request Parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
tracking_number string Yes The tracking number of the shipment to be tracked.

Response Parameters: #

Parameter Type Description
status string The status of the shipment.
status_details string Additional details regarding the shipment status.
last_update string The date and time of the last update to the shipment status.
location string The location of the last update to the shipment status.
delivery_date string The expected delivery date of the shipment, if available.
message string A message containing additional information about the shipment status.

Request Example #


Response Example #

"status": "Out for Delivery",
"status_details": "Your package is out for delivery.",
"last_update": "2023-02-28 15:30:00",
"location": "New York, NY",
"delivery_date": "2023-03-01",
"message": ""

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