Update Job

The Update Job Status API allows updating the status and other details of a job in the Voomerr platform. The API takes in the job_id parameter to identify the job to be updated and other parameters to update the job’s status and details.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Update Job endpoint is POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/update_job_status.php

Parameters: #

Parameter Type Required Description
job_id string Yes The ID of the job to be updated.
status string No The status of the job (e.g., Delivered, Cancelled).
tracking_number string No The tracking number of the shipment for the job.
shipping_carrier string No The name of the shipping carrier used for the shipment.
purchase_image file No An image of the purchase receipt for the job.
delivery_image file No An image of the delivery receipt for the job.
delivery_lat float No The latitude of the delivery location for the job.
delivery_lng float No The longitude of the delivery location for the job.
receipt_image file No An image of the delivery receipt for the job.

Response: #

The API returns a JSON response indicating the success or failure of the request.

Parameter Type Description
success boolean Indicates if the request was successful (‘true’) or not (‘false’).
message string A message describing the status of the request.

Sample Request: #

POST https://admin.voomerr.com/api/update_job_status.php
"job_id": "123456",
"status": "Delivered",
"tracking_number": "12345",
"shipping_carrier": "FedEx",
"delivery_lat": 40.123456,
"delivery_lng": -75.123456

Sample Response: #

"success": true,
"message": "Job updated successfully."

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